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Kostas Fragiadakis was born in 1969 in Thessaloniki. Since he was a child, he liked to read comics and also paint. As remembers himself, he painted everywhere..from napkins and casual notebooks up desks, benches and books! In time, he began to design his own stories, and several years later, his work get published. Over the last fifteen years, he wrote and design many comics. He participated in many comic projects, as an illustrator, translator, letterer, editor, etc. , He has illustrated medical books and work, and more.

He studied nursing at the University of Athens. He works as a chief in the Intensive Care Unit in Athens, where he lives with his wife and his son.

His nickname MYTHOS, with which is best known in the field of Greek comics, cames from the name of the main hero of the homonymous mythological fantasy comic series, he was inspired and created, which continues to be issued from 2005 until today.

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