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Mythos Project


Mythos is the first Greek monthly comic series of epic and mythological fantasy published in Greece in script and sketch by Kostas Fragiadakis. The arcadian hero named Mythos is the protagonist of the series whose plot unfolds in ancient Greece.


Comic Story

In Mythological Ancient Greece, after the development of the Mycenaean and Minoan civilization and before the cultural reforms that led to glamorous democratic Greece, there was a dark period of monarchy in the Greek cities that human life had little value, while the Olympian gods and other supernatural beings , They ruled the ordinary people, who often lived under the yoke of kings and local rulers. In this mysterious and magic period, a strange man appeared with strange powers and abilities that, by challenging divine and royal powers, defended human ideals and justice without fear of colliding with gods, demons, monsters, magicians and kings. This man with the enigmatic past and many secrets was Mythos, the Arcadian.



The series is divided into two circles, in the first circle six (6) issues were issued and in the second circle five (5) issues.

Δημοσιευμενο Εργο