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Tetrakosaris Project

The cartoonist Kostas Frangiadakis draws for the magazine "Mplek". A new Greek comic book by Kostas Frangiadakis and a script by Nikos Nikolaidis. The comic is split into episodes and each episode is released along with the New Mplek magazine every month. This is the "Tetrakosaris", a new realistic character that strives to cope and survive in the difficult environment of our country.


Νέο επετειακό τεύχος Μπλεκ που κυκλοφορεί 15 Μαρτίου 2016, 2 χρόνια ΝΕΟΣ ΜΠΛΕΚ μαζί με ολόκληρο τον ΤΕΤΡΑΚΟΣΑΡΗ των Νικολαίδη - Φραγκιαδάκη σε Graphic Novel!


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2 Χρόνια Μπλεκ


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